Spend the day Relaxing at MedAsia Playa

11 Jul Spend the day Relaxing at MedAsia Playa


We are truly blessed here in Malta, with around 300 days of sunshine a year. Of course, our summers are known to be extremely hot, sunny and definitely fun.

While staying at Pebbles Boutique Aparthotel you should try to pencil in at least one relaxing day far away from the daily sightseeing routine and walk over to MedAsia Playa beach club (Open throughout the Summer season – weather permitting).




Our guests benefit from free entrance and sunbeds, including umbrellas, at this Summer’s place to be. Upon arriving at the beach club, in Qui-si-Sana, choose a sunbed of your choice and have a look at the mouthwatering Cocktail menu.

If you enjoy swimming, you will be spoilt for choice there. You will find a swimming pool, accompanied with a kids’ pool upstairs, and a larger swimming pool downstairs, as well as access to swim in the sea.




Of course, after swimming and sipping on cocktails surrounded by MedAsia Playa’s relaxing ambience, you’re bound to get hungry! Not to worry, they have got you completely sorted.

The restaurant offers a versatile menu, including sushi, Asian and Mediterranean appetizers, pasta dishes and salads among other dishes.




When your gastronomic needs have been met, and you have had your fill of swimming for the day, enjoy looking out at the colourful horizon when the sun starts to set.


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